Blanc de Chine

A residency program that unearths, selects, develops, and exhibits world-class ceramic artists

International Ceramic Art Award

The Blanc de Chine International Ceramic Art Award is a residency program. that selects, develops and exhibits world-class ceramic artists. Established for both Western and Chinese ceramic artists, it is a platform based on the reality of their respective cultures.

Yishu8 contacted PBB CREATIVE to work on designing a poster, and developing a new bilingual website for the event. This online platform will help promoting the competition online, through social media in China and overseas. In addition, this new website allows visitors to easily find all the necessary information about the competition’s rules and regulations and apply through an online form.

PBB CREATIVE also made sure to have the website developed for mobile first. This adaptation allows visitors to have a smooth user-experience on different devices.




February 2017